about Liz Sterling

To be a preeminent broadcast and media source delivering smart, quality, upbeat programming on a wide variety of emerging topics. To stimulate the listeners to become innovative, passionate and encouraged by presenting alternative ways of understanding our changing world and offering solutions for better living.

Sterling Spin Radio assists listeners to live more well-informed, happier, healthier lives by providing leading edge discussion and expert commentary resulting in increased accountability, greater community awareness and innovative individual enterprise.

Meet Liz
South Florida Radio broadcasting veteran Liz Sterling has produced thousands of radio interviews with well known authors, luminaries, artists, scientists and celebrities from all walks of life. Sterling founded the LifeWorks Enrichment Center in 1997, was a Faith and Values communist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and host of Be You Radio on LITE 101.5 FM, south Florida’s #1 adult contemporary radio station. Sterling currently conducts celebrity interviews for newspapers and magazines and hosts Sterling Spin Radio every Tuesday from 12PM-2PM EST on the TAO Radio Network.


Quotes from Authors and Celebrities:

“Great Interview! …you’re doing fascinating work.” Walter Cronkite “I had a great time with you. See you on my next visit to South Florida.” -Joan Lunden

“Liz sees the world very clearly. She can relate the abstract in concrete terms.” -John Gray

“There is a woman whose acquaintance I have recently made and for whom I have deep respect. Her name is Liz Sterling.” -Maya Angelou

“Liz is a key player in the personal growth movement..” -Kim G. Weiss, Health Communications, Publishers of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“I wish we had a radio show like yours in England.” Nicholas Evans, The Horse Whisperer

Quotes from Liz’s Listeners:

“Your infectious love of what you do comes across the airwaves so clearly. I guess we can say that you have a cult following. Almost like a “good” Howard Stern.” -Cory Brawsky

“…in a world of rude in-your-face talk show hosts, your intelligence, wit and courteous behavior are qualities that make you stand head and shoulders above the rest.” -Ira Cohen

“Hearing you interview and probe the mind s of your extraordinary guests, the boundaries of my life are expanded. The world needs to experience how you interview and empower people at the same time. This is a great gift.” -Janece Martel

Your show is informing, challenging and life enriching” -Milton Charles